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Tidi Dam

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About Tidi Dam

This is such a cute name, isn’t it? There are endless tourist places in India but this one is highly special not because of the beauty it holds but because of its history as well. People are curious to know why this place is called Tidi Dam and who thought about this cute name for this small tourist place.

History of Tidi Dam:

Tidi Dam was constructed in 1976 by Hindustan Zinc Limited in the form of straight gravity masonry. Unlike the other dams, this one is known for its brilliant capacity power up to 300 mc ft and 67 ft height.

The water stored in Tidi Dam is used by Rajasthan’s top water supply organizations like CPP and Zawar Group of Mines.
During the monsoon season, this place becomes a bit dangerous to hang out but otherwise, it delivers the best scenery and people who are in love with the Rajasthan state should visit this place without place.

Reaching Tidi Dam from Udaipur is very easy. The total distance one needs to cover from Udaipur to Tidi dam is about 37 km and can be reached by own vehicle. It is one of the best destinations for a one-day picnic.

Tide dam is located around 35 km from Udaipur which clearly means this place can be explored in a single day.
As the name says it is a dam where you can go and enjoy the view around, have some fun and eat something good. If you are out on a sunny day then and want to stop by at some river bank then Tidi dam near Udaipur is highly recommended.

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