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Goram Ghat

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About Goram Ghat

Goram Ghat, nestled near Kachhbali village in Deogarh, Rajsamand district, Rajasthan, is a breathtaking destination. Enhanced by its 1932 English-built local train station, in collaboration with the former Mewar Maharana, the spot is a haven for group picnics, family outings, and solo travelers. This gem in the Aravali Hills boasts nature’s splendor, featuring small waterfalls and the captivating 50-foot-wide “Jogmandi Waterfall,” a mere 500 meters away. A paradise for nature enthusiasts and wildlife aficionados, Goram Ghat is a treasure trove of photographic opportunities and serene wilderness.

To reach Goram Ghat from Udaipur, take the Marwar Junction to Goram Ghat Marwar meter gauge train (Mavli Pass Mg 52073), departing from Marwar Junction at 6:35 am and arriving at Goram Ghat at 11:21 am daily. Alternatively, you can board the train at Khamli Ghat station, the last stop, but availability might be limited due to high demand. We opted for Bejnal village, the nearest station, and were fortunate to secure seats for our family. Train fare from Khamli Ghat to Goram Ghat is 10 Rs. Boarding time at Khamli Ghat is 10:00 am, and at Goram Ghat, it’s 12:30 pm.

Important Note – Currently Goram ghat train Timing has been changed. Arrival timing of the train was 4 pm before but now it is 12:30 pm. So you get only 1 hour to spend there. 


By Road– To reach Goram Ghat by road, you can take a route from Udaipur. Begin by heading northwest on the Udaipur – Kherwara – Phalasiya Road, then merge onto NH58. Continue on this road, passing through Deogarh, until you reach the Khamli Ghat area. From there, follow signs or directions to Goram Ghat. The road journey offers scenic views and a direct route to experience the beauty of Goram Ghat and its surroundings.

Expect a mesmerizing blend of natural beauty, serene waterfalls, diverse wildlife, and a spiritual aura at Goram Ghat.
 There is only one waterfall called jogmandi waterfall which is 50 feet wide. You can see the waterfall once monsoon has completely arrived.

Goram Ghat beckons with a collection of revered temples awaiting exploration. Among them, the temples of Gorakhaath Ji, Lord Shiva, Bheru Nath Ji, Heenglaaj Mateshwari, and Peepleshhwar Maharaj stand as inviting sanctuaries. These divine sites enrich the Goram Ghat experience, offering a spiritual dimension to its natural and cultural wonders

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