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Kamalnath Mahadev Temple

  • Ideal Duration - 4 Hours

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Kamalnath Mahadev Temple

To reach Kamalnath Mahadev Temple, you can hire a car or take a bus from Udaipur to Jodhal, which is approximately 55 kilometers away. From Jodhal, it’s about a 10-kilometer journey to Magvas.

Alternatively, there’s a direct bus option available to Magvas. Once you reach Magvas, you’ll need to hire a jeep or taxi to cover the remaining 7 kilometers to Kamalnath Mahadev Temple.

The taxi will drop you off near the Shani Temple, from where you’ll need to continue on foot for about 1 kilometer to reach Kamalnath Mahadev Temple.


About 80 kilometers from the city of lakes, Udaipur, on the hills of the Avaraghar region in the Jhadol tehsil, there is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva known as Kamalnath Mahadev Temple. According to the ancient scriptures, this temple was established by the Ravana himself. This is the very place where Ravana offered his own head to Lord Shiva in the fire pit. Pleased by this gesture, Lord Shiva established the amrit in Ravana’s navel. The most unique aspect of this place is that Ravana is worshipped here before Lord Shiva, as it is believed that without offering prayers to Ravana before Lord Shiva, all the worship goes in vain.
 This place is covered with scenic beauty and lush green mountains.

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