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Neemach Mata Temple, Udaipur: History, Timings, Ropeway, Entry Fee and More

The Neemach Mata Temple sits atop a green hill overlooking the Fateh Sagar Lake in Udaipur, India. It’s a peaceful place where people go to pray and enjoy the beautiful scenery. To get there, you can walk up about 900 meters, either using stairs or taking the ropeway. Along the way, you’ll see trees and maybe even some peacocks.

Inside the temple, there’s a special statue of Neemach Mata Devi, the goddess worshiped here. There’s also a statue of Lord Ganesh, who is very important in the Hindu religion. Outside the temple, you might notice three lions made of stone, facing west. These lions are a symbol of strength.

During festivals like Navratri, the temple gets even busier. People come from all over to celebrate and pray together. There are special ceremonies and events, making it a lively and joyful place to be.

Neemach Mata Temple, Udaipur

Overall, the Neemach Mata Temple is a special place where people can connect with their faith and enjoy the beauty of nature. It’s a must-visit if you’re in Udaipur, offering a glimpse into the rich spiritual and cultural heritage of India.

History of Neemach Mata Temple

The history of Neemach Mata Temple in Udaipur is shrouded in a blend of tradition and mystique:

History of Neemach Mata Temple

1. Origin of the Name: Local lore suggests the name “Neemach” stems from the presence of a Neem tree. It is believed the idol of the goddess was discovered near or within this tree. “Neem” translates to “neem” in the local language, signifying the possible connection.

2. Age of the Temple: Estimates place the construction of the temple around 1652-1680. However, specific historical records are limited.

3. Legends and Beliefs:

  • Ancient Worship: Legends claim that the deity has been worshiped for centuries by the local populace, seeking blessings for protection and prosperity.
  • Royal Connection: Some believe Neemach Mata (also referred to as Ambaji) holds significance as the clan goddess of the royal Maharana family. This stone idol of the Goddesses is 56 inches in height and 23 inches in width. The idol of Lord Ganesh is 22.1 inches high and 12.1 inches wide. Outside the inner temple is Hawan Kund for the performance of Yojana.

4. Development:  Dr. R.K. Agarwal is credited with playing a crucial role in the temple’s development during the latter years. His efforts are recognized for shaping the temple into the prominent pilgrimage site it is today, often referred to as “Udaipur ki Vaishno Devi”.

Neemach Mata Temple’s Architectural Significance

While not as widely documented as its cultural and religious significance, the Neemach Mata Temple in Udaipur does hold some architectural elements reflecting the  Rajasthani style:

Neemach Mata Temple’s Architectural Significance
  • Simple Yet Elegant: The overall structure leans towards a simple and elegant design, prioritizing functionality over ostentatious ornamentation.
  • Local Materials: Local red sandstone is likely the primary building material,  common in Rajasthani architecture.
  • Shikharas (Spires):  The temple might possess a shikhara (tower), a characteristic element in many Hindu temples. Its specific design and ornamentation would require further examination for definitive classification.
  • Mandapa (Hall):  The presence of a mandapa (hall)  providing a covered space for worshippers is probable.

Neemach Mata Darshan and Aarti Timimgs

Let’s have a look at the darshan and aarti timings at Neemach Mata

Darshan Timings

The temple opens every day from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. But the timing may vary on festivals or special occasions. 

Aarti timings of Neemach Mata Temple

  • Morning: 5:30 am
  • Afternoon: 12:00 pm
  • Evening: 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm 

The best time to visit Neemach Mata Mandir of Udaipur

The best time to visit Neemach Mata Temple in Udaipur depends on what you prioritize during your visit:

1. Pleasant weather and beautiful sceneries

A. October to March

This is the ideal period to visit Neemach Mata Temple if you want to experience comfortable weather. During these months, the temperatures in Udaipur are pleasant, making the climb to the temple more manageable. You can also enjoy the panoramic views of the city and its lakes without feeling the scorching heat.

2. Additional factors to consider

A. Early mornings or evenings

Regardless of the season, visiting the temple early in the morning or during the late afternoon hours is recommended, especially if you want to avoid crowds and capture stunning views during sunrise or sunset.

B. Weekdays

Weekdays are generally less crowded than weekends, so you might prefer to plan your visit accordingly if you prefer a quieter experience.

Neemach Mata Mandir Ropeway – Latest tourist attraction

neemach mata mandir ropeway

Udaipur recently introduced the Neemach Mata Mandir ropeway, a project by Damodar Ropeways and Infra Ltd (DRIL). Positioned near Fateh Sagar Lake, the ropeway is a captivating addition to the city’s attractions, providing easy access to the revered Neemach Mata Mandir.

This marks DRIL’s second ropeway project in Rajasthan after the successful Savitri Mala Ropeway in Pushkar. The ropeway spans a distance of 429.19 meters, significantly reducing the arduous climb to the temple from a 45-minute trek to a swift 3-minute ride

The Neemach Mata Mandir ropeway features 12 well-ventilated cabins with automatic doors, and the capacity to carry 400 passengers per hour.

The ropeway will be operational daily from 7 am to 8 pm throughout January, offering roundtrip tickets at an affordable rate of just INR 185 per passenger. Operating on a mono cable fixed grip system, the ropeway ascends over a 500-foot elevation

Special care was taken to minimize the impact on the surrounding greenery, ensuring a scenic ride for passengers. From up above, visitors can admire the breathtaking beauty of the Southern Aravalli region. 

The inauguration of this ropeway marks a significant milestone in Udaipur’s transportation network, enhancing connectivity for residents and providing a picturesque journey for temple visitors.

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the Neemach Mata Temple in Udaipur stands as a tranquil sanctuary where faith and nature converge. With its rich history, architectural significance, and the recent addition of the Neemach Mata Mandir ropeway, it offers both spiritual solace and modern convenience, making it a cherished destination in Udaipur.

So let us know your experience once you visit this historic temple of Udaipur!

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