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Weather of Udaipur - Monthly Temperature, Climate, And Prevailing Seasons


Udaipur, known as the “City of Lakes” or the “Venice of the East,” is a capti­vating city in the Indian state of Rajas­than. It boasts breath­taking lakes, majestic palaces, and a vibrant culture amidst the Aravalli Range. When planning a visit to this encha­nting destin­ation, it becomes essential to familiarise yourself with its weather patterns, monthly temperatures, and preva­iling seasons to optimize your trip’s experience

Overview Of The Different Seasons In Udaipur

Summer in Udaipur

Udaipur, popularly known as the ‘City of Lakes”, is also known for its summer, winter, and monsoon in Udaipur. Summers can become scorchingly hot and humid, leaving visitors exhausted and dehydrated quickly. Summer months also present challenges when visiting its impressive palaces, forts, and temples in this architectural marvel of India.

summer of udaipur

Monsoon in Udaipur

Monsoon brings welcome relief from the scorching heat and is an ideal time to visit Udaipur’s beautiful lakes. However, monsoon may not be suitable for visiting popular attractions like wildlife sanctuaries and watersports as average rainfall can happen unexpectedly during your tour – make sure that if you plan to visit these places in monsoon season, you have an alternate plan just in case!

udaipur in moonsoon

Winters in Udaipur

Winter weather is perfect for you to visit Udaipur. Udaipur nights are comparatively colder than days in this season. Also, winter weather in Udaipur brings festive events and celebrations of every kind, including festivals like Shilpgram Utsav and Gangaur Festival.

winter in udaipur

Due to peak season prices of hotels, flights, tours, and accommodations being high at this time, it is wise to book accommodations well in advance if possible; choosing one with stunning Lake Pichola views could let you watch gorgeous sunrises every morning as well as possibly seeing elephants or peacocks roaming nearby forests!

What time is best to visit Udaipur?

Udaipur’s ideal season for traveling between October and March is wintertime, which provides pleasant temperatures with low humidity levels that make sightseeing tours, culinary experiences, rooftop dinners, and rooftop party experiences more pleasurable

Here are some climate facts about Udaipur that you should know

●     The hottest month in Udaipur is May, when the temperature goes up to 89 F / 32 C.

●     The coldest month in Udaipur is January when the temperature reaches 61 F / 16 C.

●     The wettest month in Udaipur is July and August. In these two months, you will see heavy rainfall in Udaipur.

Min And Max Temperatures Experienced In Udaipur During Each Season

Udaipur experiences minimum temperature during each season:

●     Visitors will experience large fluctuations in temperature in Udaipur throughout the year, but during the hot season, conditions tend to be especially comfortable. A muggier period lasts from June 2 – October 9 and has significantly diminished comfort levels.

●     Udaipur summers can be intense, and exploring without feeling heat exhaustion or sweaty discomfort is nearly impossible. The summer temperature of Udaipur can be a minimum of 30 °C and reach a maximum of 45 °C. However, the cool evenings offer some respite in the form of fresh juices and breezy fashion; this season also marks Udaipur’s Mewar Festival, an impressive event that honors royal grandeur and splendor, shining brightly even during the day and night temp of Udaipur. Along with this, let us tell you that Udaipur’s moonrise and moonset time is 4:40 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

●     Udaipur experiences moderate rains every year. Yet this rainy period provides the ideal opportunity to admire its stunning lakes and sprawling greenery surrounding them. This is also an excellent time for attending festivals like Teej and Hariyali Amavasya or Gangaur and Mewar festivals in Udaipur.

●     From October through March, Udaipur offers comfortable temperatures – warm but moderate – making this an excellent time to explore its lakes, palaces, and temples and participate in festivals such as Dussehra and Diwali

The Aravalli Range­, located near Udaipur, is vital in maintaining the local weather. These hills act as a barrier, halting the advanceme­nt of moisture-laden winds from the southwe­st during the monsoon season. As a result, the winds ascend and cool down, causing rainfall in the region. Furthermore, they contribute to te­mperature regulation by providing shade­ and influencing local wind patterns. Consequently, Udaipur’s climate remains pleasantly mode­rate with less extre­me fluctuations.

During these peak seasons, hotel and flight prices increase significantly, with average monthly rainfall between 150 mm and 200 mm.

Packing Tips For Visiting Udaipur

Planning a trip to Udaipur can be an exciting experience. However, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience requires wise packing choices. To help you prepare for your visit to this beautiful city, here are five useful packing tips that tell you what to pack if you plan to visit Udaipur during these seasons.

  1.  Light And Breathable Clothing

Udaipur’s temperatures vary greatly throughout the day, so pack clothes that can easily be layered up for different climates – morning and evening breezes may make morning strolls cozy, but afternoon heat waves are likely.

Maxi dresses are an ideal travel wardrobe staple as they can be styled for various weather conditions. Women should bring along a stole to cover themselves when visiting places of worship or warm them on cold evenings.

Cough Syrup is essential if traveling by non-AC train during winter months or with limited air conditioning. Also, consider carrying pain relief balm for headaches or joint ache relief and flip flops to wear during the journey.

2.    Sun Protection Essentials

Udaipur, famous for its lakes and lush vegetation, provides the ideal respite from Rajasthan’s dry, arid regions. Due to the tropical climate of Udaipur, breathable fabrics such as cotton should be your top priority when packing.

While in Udaipur, visit Lake Pichola – one of the city’s iconic landmarks. This artificial lake is surrounded by lofty palaces, kothis (mansions), bathing ghats, and hills on all sides – perfect for an unforgettable cruise or tour experience.

Bagore Ki Haveli should also make your list of must-see attractions; it houses an incredible collection of Rajasthani puppets and puts on shows every evening. These single-string puppets tell wonderful tales while remaining fascinating works of art in Rajasthan.

3.    Comfortable Footwear

Wearing comfortable footwear when exploring Udaipur is crucial – it allows for more fluid walking around, which is especially essential as its palaces and forts would otherwise pass you by due to sore feet!

Udaipur requires visitors to remove their shoes before entering religious sites, so keep a pair of flip-flops on hand when visiting religious spots and lake-side markets to shop for textiles, wooden statues, and other goodies.

Shilpgram Heritage Craft Village in Udaipur is an exceptional heritage crafts village where you can buy everything from pottery and handmade paintings to straw baskets and wood houses – The market is located on Lake Palace Road and represents a true shopping paradise!

4.    Travel Adapters And Voltage Converters

Before traveling abroad, you must equip yourself with a travel adapter and voltage converter. Different countries utilize different electrical currents, which could damage any electronic devices plugged into the wrong outlet. One way to prevent this would be ensuring all devices you bring are dual voltage; unfortunately, this may not always be an option.

Voltage converters allow your devices to function in multiple countries by altering the electrical current; however, they can be heavy and bulky to transport around. If you bring one along, ensure it can support at least the wattage your device needs, plus 25% extra for safety measures.

On Day 2, this tour includes return train tickets from Delhi to Udaipur in AC2 class (2nd class air-conditioned carriage), so you can relax comfortably during the daytime on padded seats before retreating into a flat bunk with sheets and blankets in the evening.

5.    Medications And First-Aid Supplies

Being equipped with first-aid supplies like band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers is vital, particularly if you live with chronic health conditions that make discomfort manageable quickly and efficiently. Keeping these essential items on hand will enable faster relief from discomfort quickly.

Udaipur is home to some magnificent palaces that will leave you breathless with their solid architecture and luxurious lifestyles they once enjoyed. Boasting huge balconies and intricately designed pillars, walls, and corridors reminiscent of their royal origins, Udaipur palaces offer visitors an incredible glimpse of royalty that exceeds your wildest expectations.

Lake Pichola, the city’s principal lake, towers over all of its beauty. Life in and around this lake revolves around offering boat rides and dining at one of many waterfront restaurants – plus, it hosts amazing cultural programs with singing and dance performances!


Untangling the weather of Udaipur is essential to planning an enjoyable visit; whether you prefer mild autumn/winter temperatures or don’t mind summer heat, Udaipur offers something year-round!

Monsoon rains bring welcome relief from the relentless sun, turning Udaipur into a lush wonderland that allows tourists to explore its lakes, forts, and palaces amidst this captivating scenery.

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