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Under The Sun Aquarium: The largest Public Aquarium Gallery in India

Under the Sun Aquarium, situated in Udaipur, Rajasthan, is one of the biggest aquariums in India. This is one of the prime places you can visit if you go to Udaipur. It is located beside the beautiful Fateh Sagar Lake and is a must-visit place if you visit Udaipur for the first time. You will get around 100 fish species to see and know about them and experience thrilling scuba diving through VR (Virtual Reality) technology.

The privilege of having the largest fish aquarium in India is something to take pride in. We are talking about the Fish Aquarium, ‘UNDER THE SUN,’ situated close to Vibhuti Park. It is located at a hot spot in Udaipur- the Lake Fatehsagar Paal. It is the largest public aquarium gallery regarding gallons of water, numbers, and fish species in the entire Nation. Inaugurated on 21st October 2017 by the home minister of Rajasthan, Gulab Chand Ji Kataria, the place has approximately 180 fish species, both from marine and fresh water.

Address: Fatehsagar Lake Paal, adjacent to Vibhuti Park, Udaipur

Highlights of the Aquatic Species on Display

The species of fish have been brought from around the world, viz. South America, Brazil, Senegal, Japan, Africa, Malaysia, Congo, Indonesia, America, China, and marine fish are from the Indian Ocean. They also have some of the rare species of fish like Mormyrus Rume, Marine Water Stingray, Senegal Dragons, Puffer Fish, Alligator Gars, Archer Fish, and many more sea creatures like – Sea Urchins, Sea Anemones, Fire Belly Newts, Hermit Crabs, Albino frogs, Indonesian Mud Crabs, Fresh Water Scampi and many more.

In the Aquarium, there is a marine section where you can notice a variety of amazing and unique brackish water fish. This section has 5 Marine Water Aquariums. Fish like Clownfish, Brown Banded Bombay Shark, Blue-Eyed Yellow Tang, Blue Tang, Sea anemones, Sea Urchins, Hermit Crabs, StarFish, Fox Face Rabbit Fish, Trigger Fish, Two-Spotted Damsel, Blue Damsel, Mono Angel, Emperor Angel Fish, Turbo Snail can be seen.

Activities and Learning Opportunities for Visitors

Activities and Learning Opportunities for Visitors at Under The Sun Aquarium

It provides excellent possibilities for visitors to learn about many worldwide breeds of fish and other aquatic creatures. The Aquarium is a popular tourist attraction, attracting visitors from all over the world, including locals. According to management statistics, it has a monthly footfall of roughly 50,000 persons.

Activity inside the Aquarium:

  • VR Scuba diving – 500/- to 800/- per person
  • 3D Picture gallery- 100/- per person

Other Activities

  • It is the World’s First Aqua Trick Art Museum by world-renowned artist Mr. AP Sreethar.
  • India’s First Aqua Live Virtual Reality Experiences- you can feel and enjoy sea life in an immersive 360-degree environment. It is an Award-Winning oceanic VR Experience deployed through state-of-the-art and latest VR Gadgetry.
  • Interaction with fish at the Touch Pool, where you can feed as well as touch the fish
  • The OMG Tank in the Aquarium is the only fish tank in India where you can get inside the aquarium and experience life underwater without getting wet.
  • A cafeteria for your munching needs.

Tips for the Best Photos at ‘Under The Sun’ Fish Aquarium

Tips for the Best Photos at Under The Sun Fish Aquarium

You can also pose in the realistic 3D pictures inside the 3D picture gallery and take as many photos as you can to post on your Instagram and enjoy a Fun time with your loved ones and friends taking pictures there. There are a variety of structures at different places inside the Aquarium, and you can take photos in different corners.

Ticket Prices at ‘Under The Sun’ Fish Aquarium


Here’s the ticket information for the ‘Under The Sun’ Fish Aquarium in Udaipur:

  • Adults: Rs. 118 (inclusive of GST)
  • Children (Below 15 yrs): Rs. 47 (inclusive of GST)
  • Foreigners: Rs. 236 (inclusive of GST)

Additionally, if you’re interested in the special experiences:

  • Virtual Reality Experience: Rs. 118 (inclusive of GST)
  • Trick Art Museum: Rs. 100 (inclusive of GST)

Timings of the Aquarium: 8 am till 11 pm

Designing of the Aquarium

Upon entering Under the Sun Aquarium, visitors are greeted by gentle music and stunning architecture. The UIT Udaipur invested Rs. 2 crores in its construction and an additional three crores in interior design, evident in the facility’s aesthetic appeal. The interiors are carefully insulated to mimic natural habitats, creating a comfortable environment for aquatic life. The aquarium’s claim to fame as the largest in India lies in its 125-meter-long gallery, housing a diverse range of small and large aquariums showcasing a vast array of fish species from around the world.

Best Time to Visit at ‘Under The Sun’ Fish Aquarium

Best Time to Visit at Under The Sun Fish Aquarium

Weekdays are the best time to visit this place as you will find less crowd and can check out every fish species there. Enjoy your time and other activities there calmly. If you have no other options than the weekends, I suggest you visit the place in the first batch, around 10:00 am or around 1:00–2:00 pm, when the crowd is a bit less due to obvious reasons.

Dining and Shopping Nearby

For the best dining experience, you can try the local Bombay market, a street food hub at Fatehsagar Lake. They offer various food options, and you should try them at least once. Many restaurants are also located near the Aquarium and provide delicious food.

You can try the Hathipole market and Maldas street market near Fatehsagar for the best shopping. This market has a variety of things to attract tourists. It includes Rajasthani-style clothes, turbans, colorful printed materials, and many others. You will have the best shopping experience here.

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Udaipur offers an unforgettable symphony of experiences. The mesmerizing underwater world of the aquarium blends seamlessly with the city’s vibrant culture, delectable cuisine, and colorful shopping havens. So, pack your bags, lace up your walking shoes, and prepare to be swept away by the magic of Udaipur!

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