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Udaipur's Colorful Holi 2023 Celebrations: Experience the City of Lakes

A festival of colors, Holi is celebrated throughout India and other regions of South Asia. It occurs in March and heralds the start of spring. According to Hindu mythology, this festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil. During this celebration, participants smear each other with water and other colored powders to show their excitement and joy. People put aside their disagreements and join forces to celebrate Holi. India’s population anticipates the holiday with considerable excitement because of its religious and cultural importance.

Biggest Holika Dahan in Udaipur

The largest Holika Dahan takes held each year at the City Palace during Udaipur’s famous Holi festivities. The Holika Dahan ceremony involves the ritualistic burning of an image representing evil. An audience gathers to see the City Palace as it is illuminated and adorned with flowers. To mark the defeat of evil, an effigy of Holika is burned as revelers gather ’round the fire to sing and dance.

How Holi is celebrated in City Palace Udaipur?

Tourists and locals alike go to Udaipur every year for the City Palace’s Imperial Holi Festival. The festivities begin with a customary parade with the palace being decked up in bright floral decorations. The parade is being led by the Maharaja of Udaipur, who is riding a gilded horse. Guests are treated to a musical performance by local musicians and a spread of traditional foods as part of the festivities. All of the guests take part in a riot of color and water-based mayhem known as “Holi,” the festival’s centerpiece.

How do Udaipur people celebrate Holi with friends and family?

The residents of Udaipur take part in the festival of Holi with tremendous fervor and happiness. Holika Dahan, when a bonfire is lit to represent good triumphing over evil, kicks off the festivities the night before. During Rangwali Holi, the next day, revelers throw colored powder at one another and feast on sweets and colorful snacks.

During Holi, everyone gets up early, dressed in white, and celebrates with their loved ones. They begin by praying to Krishna and then begin to paint each other in jubilation. Kids love the wonderful food and sweets, play with paints and water pistols, and dance to the rhythm of the dhol.

As part of their Holi festivities, locals in Udaipur take part in a game called “Rang Panchami,” which is only played there. People build a human pyramid in an effort to smash a buttermilk container. The Holi king is the one who breaks the pot and gains authority over the festivities for the day.

Naturally-derived flower and plant dyes are another Udaipur-specific custom. Many people stay away from using synthetic colors because of the damage they may do to the skin and the allergies they might trigger. The flowers and herbs such as marigold rose, and henna is ground to create the colors.

At Holi, families also gather to cook traditional dishes like Gujiya, Mathri, Dahi Bhalla, and Thandai. Delicious foods like these, made with special care, are an integral component of the Holi festival.

Why people are crazy about visiting Jagdish Temple in Udaipur?

jagdish mandir udaipur holi
jagdish mandir udaipur

Tourists go to see Jagdish Temple, one of the most renowned and stunning religious buildings in all of Udaipur. To understand why so many people go to Udaipur’s Jagdish Temple, consider the following:

One of the finest examples of Indo-Aryan architecture, the Jagdish Temple is an architectural wonder. The white marble temple dates back to the 17th century. The temple is a must-see in Udaipur due to its gorgeous architecture, exquisite sculptures, and detailed carvings.

The Jagdish Temple is an important spiritual site since it is a Hindu shrine devoted to Vishnu. The temple is revered as a place of enormous spiritual power by Hindus, who go there from all over the world. There are a lot of worshippers that go there to pray and become lucky.

The Jagdish Temple is more than simply a place of worship; it’s also a cultural gem. Udaipur’s cultural legacy includes the temple’s design, traditions, and activities. Visitors to the temple may take part in the numerous ceremonies, hear the soothing bhajans, and feel the uplifting spiritual energy.

In conclusion, tourists from all over the globe go to Jagdish Temple to see its beauty, spirituality, and culture. The temple is a must-see in Udaipur because of its beautiful design, religious importance, and cultural experience.

What do Udaipur people cook on Holi?

Holi is not only a celebration of colors but also of excellent food and good company. These are some of the most well-liked traditional foods served during Holi in Udaipur.

  • Gujiya, a sweet dessert, is a common treat during the Holi festival. It’s a sweet pastry covered in sugar syrup and deep-fried, with a filling of khoya, dried fruits, and shredded coconut.
  • Dahi Bhalla is a delicious Indian snack or appetizer that consists of lentil balls that have been deep-fried, soaked in curd, and then sprinkled with spicy chutney and other seasonings. It’s the perfect way to calm down after a fun day of color-matching: a delicious and cooling meal.
  • Kachori is a popular Indian food that consists of a deep-fried pastry shell filled with a spicy lentil, onion, and spice combination. It’s a common appetizer in Udaipur, and it goes well with the acidic chutneys that are also widely available.
  • Refreshing thandai is a blend of milk, almonds, and spices including cardamom, saffron, and rose petals. It’s a common beverage during Holi because of how well it soothes the body after a day of splattering paint on each other.
  • Malpua is a kind of sweet, syrup-soaked pancake that is deep-fried. For dessert during Holi, many people turn to this mixture of wheat, milk, and semolina.

These dishes are only a sampling of what the residents of Udaipur cook up during Holi. Food is an important component of the festivities since the festival is a time for eating and enjoying the company of friends and family.

5 Best Resort to Visit in Holi

Udaipur, known as the “city of lakes,” is a major tourist attraction in the Indian state of Rajasthan, especially during the Holi festival. These are the top five resorts in Udaipur to stay at and enjoy Holi if you’re planning a trip there

  1. Oberoi Udaivilas

The Oberoi Udaivilas is a five-star resort on the shores of Lake Pichola, and is widely regarded as one of Udaipur’s most beautiful and opulent accommodations. This resort is fit for a king or queen, with its majestic design, sumptuous accommodations, and breathtaking vistas of the lake. The resort throws a big party every year during Holi with traditional music, dancing, and plenty of color.

  1. Taj Lake Palace

Being the most famous hotel in Udaipur, the Taj Lake Palace can be found right in the midst of Lake Pichola. The palace’s rich history, spectacular architecture, and breathtaking lake views make for an unforgettable vacation. The hotel has a huge party every year during Holi, complete with music, dancing, and plenty of brightly colored confetti.

  1. Trident Udaipur

Trident Udaipur is a gorgeous resort on the shores of Lake Pichola with panoramic vistas of the water and the Aravalli Mountains. With its plush accommodations, delicious food, and tranquil setting, this resort is a great choice for a Holi vacation. Holi is celebrated at the resort with traditional music, dancing, and plenty of brightly colored powdered paint.

  1. Leela Palace Udaipur 

The Leela Palace Udaipur is a five-star hotel that sits on the edge of Lake Pichola and provides breathtaking panoramas of the water and the nearby Aravalli Mountains. The hotel is perfect for a Holi getaway because of its plush accommodations, delicious food, and relaxing atmosphere. A large Holi festival including traditional music, dancing, and plenty of color is also hosted by the hotel.

  1. Ramada Udaipur Resort 

Near the picturesque Fateh Sagar Lake, the Ramada Udaipur Resort and Spa provides breathtaking panoramas of the nearby Aravalli Mountains. If you’re looking for a location to stay during Holi, go no further than this resort, which has plush accommodations, delicious eating choices, and a tranquil atmosphere. The resort also hosts a traditional Holi festival with music, dancing, and plenty of brightly colored powders.

If you’re planning on spending Holi in Udaipur, here are some of the finest hotels to do it. Every one of these hotels will provide you with a one-of-a-kind adventure and a chance to enjoy the festival in style.

Nathdwara’s holi

Shrinathji Temple, located in the tiny town of Nathdwara in the Indian state of Rajasthan, is devoted to the Hindu god Krishna. Nathdwara is home to some of the most enthusiastic Holi celebrations around. During Holi, the Shrinathji Temple in Nathdwara is the place to be. Several worshippers go up to the temple to pray and play with color during the Holi festival. The whole temple grounds explode into a rainbow of hues as priests drop colored water and flower petals on worshippers.

nathdwara holi
nathdwara holi

Protect Your Skin During Holi: Essential Dos and Don’ts

Holi is a festival when people play with different colored powders and paints on one another. Holi colors include chemicals that have been linked to causing allergies and other skin issues. To avoid skin damage during Holi, follow these dos and don’ts:


  • Prepare your skin for color play by applying oil or a heavy layer of moisturizer. This will prevent the colors from drying out your skin by creating a barrier between them.
  • Protect your skin from dyes by covering yourself with long sleeves.
  • To avoid skin irritation, always use natural, organic dyes derived from herbs.
  • Hydrate yourself with plenty of water and other drinks to stay healthy.
  • Colors may be washed off with a little soap.


  • Chemically-laden dyes should be avoided.
  • Holi is meant to be played outside, however doing so in the sun may be harmful to your skin.
  • Never use hot water to remove body paint, since this might cause the paint to cling even more stubbornly to your skin.
  • Scrubbing too vigorously to remove the dyes might irritate the skin and should be avoided.
  • Avoid wearing synthetics since they might lead to itchy, red skin.

Holi may be celebrated without skin damage if you follow these guidelines. Skin care before, during, and after Holi is necessary to prevent irritation and other issues.

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