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Top Udaipur Instagram Influencers You Must Follow

In India, talent is everywhere, and Instagram has given people a platform to showcase their creativity and connect with millions worldwide.

Did you know Udaipur is a hotbed for Instagram influencers? With their stunning visuals and engaging content, these social media stars are taking the world by storm.

List of the top Udaipur Instagram influencers

We’ve curated a list of the top Udaipur influencers you need to follow for a daily dose of travel envy, fashion inspiration, and foodie delights.

1. Aditya Raj Singh Rathore (109k followers)

Aditya Raj Singh Rathore Instagram

Aditya Raj Singh Rathore, also known by its Instagram handle as adityarajsinghrathore_ is a renowned lifestyle influencer from Udaipur. Known for sharing fitness content on social media, Aditya is a fitness freak who has gained over 109k followers. He is a confident entrepreneur and a hotelier with a taste of wildlife photography. According to him, his math teacher inspired him. His posts are unique, and if you love to see some classy stuff, get him followed.

2. Ruchika Jain (28.8k followers)

Ruchika Jain instagram influencer from udaipur

Ruchika Jain, also known by her Instagram handle as “fireflydo” is a video Content Creator, Speaker, and Mountaineer from Udaipur, Rajasthan. She has been making videos for 3 years. She talks about Travel-Food-Culture-Social issues and supports local businesses to grow while creating 2000+ videos and changing the lives of small businessmen. She has worked with 200+ brands and India’s biggest Travel & Food channel Curly Tales.

Ruchika is the first woman from our city who is a professional mountaineer (BMC from NIM & AMC from HMI). It is not easy to get permission for this difficult adventure from family because we live in a city where people still think that “when a girl is going alone, there is high risk” Breaking the stereotype she has summited 10 Himalayan peaks in India and Nepal.

She has 50,000 followers on all the platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

3. Poushy Singhvi (16.4k Followers)

Poushy Singhvi

Poushy Singhvi, @poushysinghviis, is a model and an advocate by profession. She studied B.A LLB. from Mohanlal Sukhadia University. With more than 16k followers she has made a successful career in recent years. She worked in the Dhadak movie with Jhanvi Kapoor and the Four More Shots Please Web series from Amazon Prime. She is an enthusiast who wants to grow and spread kindness in the world, and we are in love with her thoughts.

4. Sangini Jain ( 63.2 K followers)

Sangini Jain udaipur

Get ready to be inspired by stunning travel pics, mouthwatering food posts, and envy-inducing fashion statements. Sangini Jain is a fashion inspiration from the City of Lakes, making the city proud with high-quality blogs. She shares creative content based on her experiences that connects well with the GenZ. You can follow her if you love fresh and cool reels via myinfluish.page.link/7uQpmCdp4aNUsjjPA. 

5. Abhishek Soni ( 137k Followers)

Abhishek Soni

Also known as @abhisoni, Abhishek is a content creator, vlogger, and anchor. He is from Udaipur, Rajasthan. He is also a photographer by passion. He also makes appearances at major creator events hosted by Meta and YouTube. Recently, he received an invitation to Asia’s biggest creators festival held in Mumbai. So, what to expect from his page? From comedy videos to travel, from emotional content to travels. He’s got all! Go check!

6. Bhavya Oberwal ( 51.9K Followers)

Bhavya Oberwal

Bhavya Oberwal, @_.singing_unicorn._ is a singer, songwriter and a blogger. She is a brilliant singer and a guitar player. She is cute, sassy, and has a melodious voice that you will love to listen to again and again. She will get you glued to your screen with her captivating pictures, singing, and show-stopping fashion looks.

7. Jyoti Sharma (38.8K Followers)

Jyoti Sharma Instagram

Jyoti Sharma is a fashion influencer by profession, and her insta handle is __jyotisharma__. She does paid promotions as her followers love to see her feeds on travel, fashion, and fitness. She is smart, confident, and pretty lady who has made a significant personality by showcasing her work expertise in the fashion field. She is worth mentioning as she is a true social media star. 

8. Nayan @cookwithnayan (4K Followers)


However, Nayan is a rising star on social media platforms. With 4K followers in a few months, he has proved that talent rises no matter how many competitors are there in the field. Nayan is a food and travel blogger and you will see the best recommendations for restaurants and staying places in Udaipur. 

9. Ruchi Sharmma @eatfitrepeat.efr (41. 4K Followers)

Ruchi Sharmma

Ruchi Sharmma is a nutritionist and has served 1500+ clients to stay fit and healthy. She is a foodie and is a founder of Eat Fit Repeat. She focuses on realistic diet plans according to health issues that are budget-friendly and easy to prepare. Her healthy recipes help you lose weight without straining your mental peace. She believes food is fuel, not calories, so wise choices help you transform yourself in a good way. Well, if you are dealing with any health conditions, her Instagram feed has all the info, to know more.

10. Dewangi Vyas ( 24.2K Fllowers)

Dewangi Vyas

Dewangi Vyas aka. Chulbul is a digital creator who makes videos on travel, fashion, and lifestyle. Her cute smile, dressing sense, and confidence are what make her up for the list. Her travel vlogs will make you go in awe and wish that you could visit that place. She makes everything look so good and tempting. Do you know her?


Immerse yourself in the magic of Udaipur with these talented influencers! From awe-inspiring travel adventures to mouthwatering local cuisine and the latest fashion trends, their captivating content will inspire you and serve as your guide to exploring the city’s hidden gems.

Do you have a favorite Udaipur Instagrammer we missed? Share their handle in the comments below and help us expand this list!

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