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Hidden Facts About Fateh Sagar

Ever heard about a place full of beauty- a place that wins the heart of every visitor, and if you visit it once, you wish to be there again? Before we speak more about it, how can we proceed without knowing the history, location, and facts that will leave us in awe?

This place ranked itself as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986. It was the Mughal Empire’s capital, and hence, they left no stone unturned to turn it into a heavenly beauty. In between, have you ever wondered what Fateh Sagar is and how the name feels connected to the city? 

Hidden Facts about Fateh Sagar

Why do people like this place so much? Almost every second person is eager to vouch for the beauty of Fateh Sagar . But why? Let us explore this place, the beauty of Udaipur, the City of Lakes. 

Where is Fateh Sagar located ? 

Rajasthan has won the crown of the land with the highest historical landmarks, and Udaipur is the world’s most popular beauty. Fateh Sagar Lake here is one of the gems that a visitor should never miss. Located in the extreme northwest of the beautiful city of Udaipur, this artificial lake is really beautiful.

You will find them in the Lake Pichola’s north. This lake was constructed somewhere in late 1670.

If you wonder about the mystery behind the name of this lake, think no further. Maharana Fateh Singh is the person after whom the whole city and this lake got its name. Surprise!

Wait, more is there for you!

Why is it the heart of Udaipur?

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The answer might be something you never expected. The sole reason why it is the heart of Udaipur is simple. Just not because of the geographical location; this place is full of natural beauty. Every year, it attracts endless tourists. What else does everyone want more than peace in today’s stressful life? A serene natural beauty with calm water, this is what describes the late the most. Surrounded by Arravalli Mountain from three sides, this place is worth to visit.

Things to do at Fateh Sagar

Things to do at Fateh Saga

Let’s explore this natural beauty made artificially. You need to pay an entry fee of a mere 30 INR for one person. If you are a boating lover, then without further delay, you can book a boat for yourself. If you like motorboat rides, then you need to pay 200 INR for one adult and 100 INR for a kid.

If you are a speed lover, hire a speed boat ride where, as an adult, you will be paying 200 INR for half an hour. This boat needs to be booked if you visit the next beauty here- the Three islands!

Do not miss the three islands here; it is beautiful. Nehru Park, a famous garden, is there on the first island.

Visit the Water Jet Fountain, and Udaipur Solar Observatory is next on the list for the next two islands. Dr Bhatnagar started this Solar Observatory in 1975.

Nehru Park is full of immense beauty; spend time in something beautiful. For pic lovers like me, 8:30 p.m. is the best time to get the right click.

Places like Maharana Pratap Smarak, Hall of Heroes Museum, and Under the Sun Aquarium are some places that will make this visit memorable.

This aquarium was built six years back in 2017 and presently owns 150 fish species. Lake Garden, Sanjay Gandhi Park, and Rajiv Gandhi Park are amazing. Mahakaleshwar Temple, the temple dedicated to the great Lord Shiva, is here. Do take his blessings when you are nearby.

Under the Sun Aquarium

Beauty and sunset points sound the same if you see them through the poet’s eyes. Go to Dewali Sunset Point to approve this thought. I believe a sunset reminds us of life’s ups and downs; I don’t know how many of you agree.

Many nearby restaurants serve mouthwatering dishes along with a view. Try Ranaji Veg Restaurant, Rani Village Lake View Restaurant, and many are there to fulfill your tummy needs all around. 

There are many hotels nearby if you want to visit this view for a long. 

The list can continue if you want to attend the local events. Enjoy the fullest and taste the local food. 

nehru park in Udaipur

Interesting facts about Fateh Sagar

Like every place, this place too, has many interesting stories that will leave you in shock. Some are funny, too! Let’s read them:
Hariyali Amavasya was the day when Maharana Fateh Singh and Chawdi Rani visited this place and were head over heels in love with the overflowing, peaceful Fateh Sagar. 

After falling in love with this beauty, they announced that every year, there will be a fair on this day. The tradition exists till date. 

Maharani wanted this beauty only for women for at least one day, so she requested Maharaj to add a separate day here only for ladies, and this is how the fun began.

Who constructed it, and how was it named?

Maharana Jai Singh started the construction of this beautiful artificial lake in 1678 AD.

Sadly, after facing a heavy flood, the beam surrounding this lake was no longer there during Maharana Bhim’s reign. Leaving a question mark on its existence!

After around 200 years, the lake started from scratch and has shone to date. The commencement of construction work was by Maharana Fateh Singh ji this time. 

It received its name after the great Maharana Fateh Singh Ji

Maharana Fateh Singh Ji
Maharana Fateh Singh Ji (1849-1930)  Source: wikipedia

History of Fateh Sagar

Have you ever visited Devali’s Lake? Confused! Let me ask again: have you ever seen Fateh Sagar? You must have an answer now! Devali Lake was the earliest name of this place.

Located near the Devali village, this place was first named Devali after it by Maharana Jai Singh Ji. Prince Arthur, on his visit to Udaipur, suggested renaming it to Fateh Sagar after the name of Maharana Fateh Singh ji. 

History of Fateh Sagar

Famous food joints near to it

How is it possible to visit a place without falling in love with the cuisine around it?

Check our list of famous food joints near Fateh Sagar Lake, but try the local street food, too, if you want!

  • Mandovin Fine Resturant
  • Mr. Sandwich
  • Mathara- The Heights
  • Contactless Dining, Seasons Cafe
  • London Bubble Co
  • Foodgram Cafe, East Udaipur, Ayad Rural
  • Level Up Restro
  • Jhumar Restaurant
  • Shahibag Restaurant

There are more. Just keep exploring..

Wrapping up

You can understand the beauty of a place by visiting it. So, what is restricting you from visiting Fateh Sagar Lake? Plan today and dive into natural beauty, peace, and wonderful food. Fateh Sagar has several hidden stories and history behind it. If you learn something new, do not forget to share it with us. Have fun! Just plan your whole visit before hand.

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