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Love is in the Air: Top Romantic Spots to Explore in Udaipur

Romance is the root of every love relationship, and if there is no romance or pranks in a relationship, then it becomes boring and that’s a fact. To maintain the charm in a relationship it is necessary for both the male and female to put some effort and bring a lovely smile to their partner’s face, but the challenge here is how to do that?
Well, there are multiple ways but it also depends on in which city you are living. If you are living in Udaipur, consider yourself really fortunate because there is not a single but a lot of destinations, where you celebrate your love life with your partner.
Are you curious to know which are the top romantic destinations in Udaipur where you can visit with your better half or which are places in Udaipur for proposals? If yes, then you are at the right place.
To celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, engagements or to propose to the person you love, below are the romantic places in Udaipur where you can go.

Visit these 8 Romantic Destinations in Udaipur and Celebrate Your Love:

1. Fateh Sagar Lake:

Fateh Sagar Lake is a beautiful lake located in the city of Udaipur, and it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Udaipur and is surrounded by lush green hills, parks, and gardens.
The lake is about 2.4 km long and 1.6 km wide and has three small islands that can be visited by boat. Apart from boating, you two can sit at some corner and talk about life or you can pick up any activity like picnicking, hiking, and cycling. There are also several restaurants and food stalls near the lake that offer delicious local food and snacks.
In addition to its natural beauty and recreational activities, Fateh Sagar Lake is also known for its historical and cultural significance. At the bank of the lake, there is a line of food stalls where you can plan a perfect date and surprise proposal. All you need to do is talk with the owners, book a table, and do some decorations and you are all set to impress your crush.
If you both love simple things and just love to sit by each other and talk, then you can parallel enjoy the sunset as well and have tea, or an ice cream along with it.

2. Go for a boat ride at Lake Pichola:

Boat ride during sunset. It is already sounding very romantic. Boating at Lake Pichola is a great way to enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake and its surroundings. Lovers can hire a private boat and explore the lake at their own pace while spending quality time with each other and taking in the beautiful views of the palaces, and temples, and that’s in the lake’s shores. There are several types of boats available for hire, including traditional wooden boats, motor boats, and pedal boats.

3. Dudh Talai:

Dudh Talai is a great place to have a romantic date in Udaipur. Its scenic beauty, musical fountain, cable car ride, and great food options make it a perfect place for couples to spend some quality time together. Dudh Talai has a beautiful garden where you can take a romantic stroll with your partner. The garden is beautifully landscaped and has several benches where you can sit and enjoy the view.
You can go to Karni Mata temple by using the cable car ride and after returning from there you can book yourself for a musical fountain that is a major attraction in the area. Plan your visit during the evening hours to watch the musical fountain show with your partner. Once you are done with the show, you can go for a candlelight dinner near Lake Pichola but you need to book the table in advance especially if you are planning during Valentine’s week.

4. Watch Udaipur from Sajjangarh:

Forts are the best love storytellers, they are so old that there are not one but trillions of love stories that its wall can tell itself and you will feel the pain or the intense feeling the lovers of that era might have been through.
If you really want to have some fun and want to feel romantic then the best time to visit this place is during monsoon season, and because of the beauty of this location, the palace is also called Monsoon Palace.
Sajjangarh offers a breathtaking view of the city of Udaipur and its surrounding hills. The palace is situated on a hilltop and offers a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.

5. Mewar Light Show:

What’s better than listening to a love story with your partner? Sometimes it is more special than the dinners, flowers, and cuddles. Because you are witnessing and listening to thousands of years old love story that has been inspiring many couples in the past few centuries.
If you two are fond of each other and want your love to grow deeper, and deeper, then this activity is highly recommended.

6. Long drive in Udaipur City:

A romantic bike ride is a great way to spend time with your partner while exploring the outdoors and enjoying each other’s company. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun. Take in the scenery, make memories, and create a romantic experience that you and your partner will cherish.

7. A tour of City Palace:

Udaipur is proud of its rich heritage and culture and has been attracting thousands of tourists and couples for years.
After you are done exploring you can also explore Bagore Ki Haveli, City Palace Udaipur, Lake Palace Udaipur, Jag Mandir Palace, and Maharana Pratap Memorial to admire the beauty of the architecture of these monuments.
Taking a tour to get a glimpse of Udaipur’s glorious past is one of the best things to do in Udaipur for couples.

8. Crystal Gallery:

The Crystal Gallery in Udaipur is located within the Fateh Prakash Palace, which is a part of the City Palace complex. It is a unique museum that houses a stunning collection of crystal items, including furniture, chandeliers, and other decorative pieces. The gallery is one of the largest private collections of crystal in the world, and it is a must-visit attraction for anyone interested in history, art, or design.
The items on display are stunning and intricate, and visitors can marvel at the skill and craftsmanship that went into creating them. The Crystal Gallery offers guided tours, which are led by knowledgeable guides who can provide visitors with detailed information about the items on display. The tours are a great way to learn about the history and significance of the crystal items in the collection.


These romantic places in Udaipur will definitely turn your special day into a fun day in which you can create unforgettable memories with your loved ones and cherish them for life. We hope and assure you that these places are capable of making you feel special and will fill more romance, and charm into your relationship.
If you want to know more about what are the things you can do in Udaipur, then please stay tuned with us, and keep sharing information about these places.

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