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Best Places to Visit at Jaisamand

You might have visited Jaisamand Lake in Udaipur, but did you know it has many other things to offer? We have covered everything for your next itinerary trip.

Located in Udaipur, Rajasthan, Jaisamand is a stunning destination famous for its breathtaking beauty and historical significance. With its rich history, mesmerizing architecture, and tranquil surroundings, Jaisamand offers a unique experience for travelers.

Jaisamand Lake History

Jaisamand lake

Jaisamand Lake, also known as Dhebar Lake, is a man-made lake in Udaipur district, Rajasthan, India. It was built in the 17th century by Maharana Jai Singh, the ruler of Mewar.

The lake was created by damming the Gomati River to provide irrigation and water supply for the nearby areas. It covers an area of about 87 square kilometers and is considered one of the largest artificial lakes in Asia.

Jaisamand Lake holds significant historical and cultural importance. It was created to address the water scarcity issues faced by the region and played a vital role in agriculture and livestock. Additionally, the lake was intended as a recreational spot for the royal families and their guests.

Several villages were relocated, and several natural springs were diverted to fill the lake. The embankment of the lake is made of white marble stone, giving it a mesmerizing appearance.

Maharana Jai Singh also built a large dam known as Bari Ka Paal, which controlled the water flow. The dam has several carved marble cenotaphs and steps leading down to the water, enhancing its architectural beauty.

Baba ka Magra and Piari are two major islands in the lake. Baba ka Magra is well-known for its beautiful palace, pavilions, and Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Krishna. Piari Island has a wildlife sanctuary home to several species of birds and animals.

Here are the top 5-6 places to visit in Jaisamand that offer a unique blend of natural beauty and historical significance.

1. Jaisamand Lake

Jaisamand Lake

Jaisamand Lake, known as the Ocean of Victory by Maharana Jai Singh, is Asia’s oldest and second-largest artificial lake. This Dhebar lake was built by Maharana Jai Singh, whose childhood name was Dhebar.

Sprawling over an area of 87 square kilometers— this enchanting lake is surrounded by hills, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

It is a part of the Heritage Monuments of India. Visitors can enjoy boat rides on the lake, witnessing the stunning views and serene surroundings. The lake also hosts an island with a beautiful marble temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

  • Location: Jaisamand Lake, Salumbar, Rajasthan
  • Timing: 10 AM to 5 PM ( All days open)
  • Entry Fees: No Entry fee, Boat rides for 30 INR Indian, 80 INR foreigners
  • Time to Spend: 1 to 2 hrs

2. Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary

Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary
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Located near the Jaisamand Lake, the Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary is a haven for nature and wildlife lovers. This sanctuary covers approximately 62 square kilometers and is home to a diverse wildlife.

Visitors can spot various species of birds, crocodiles, sambar deer, leopards, and many more. The sanctuary also offers a tranquil environment for those seeking peace and solitude.

  • Location: Jaisamand Sanctuary, Peeladhar, Rajasthan
  • Timing: 10 AM to 5 PM ( All days open)
  • Entry Fees: 10 INR Indian, 80 INR for foreigners, Leopard Safari for 649 INR per person Indian, 1038 INR per person for foreigners. Jeep safari timings are 6 AM to 9 AM and 4.30 AM to 7.30 AM ( More information on website)
  • Time to Spend: 2- 3 hrs

3. Jaisamand Palace

Jaisamand Palace

Built by Maharana Jai Singh, the Jaisamand Palace is an exquisite architectural marvel that showcases the grandeur and opulence of the bygone era.

Surrounded by lush gardens and overlooking the Jaisamand Lake, this palace offers a glimpse into the rich history and cultural heritage of Rajasthan. Visitors can explore the intricate carvings, beautiful paintings, and awe-inspiring architecture.

4. Ekling Ji Temple

Ekling Ji Temple

Situated approximately 20 kilometers from Jaisamand, the Ekling Ji Temple is a prominent Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Built-in the 15th century, this temple is known for its intricate architecture and beautifully carved sculptures.

The temple complex has several smaller temples, each showcasing unique architectural styles and designs.

  • Location: Ekling Ji Temple, Kailashpuri, Udaipur, Rajasthan
  • Timing: 4 AM to 7.30 PM ( All days open),
  • Darshan time: 4.30 AM to 7.00 AM and 10.30 AM to 1.20 PM,
  • Evening time: 5.00 PM to 7.30 PM
  • Entry Fees: No Entry fee
  • Time to Spend: 1/2- 1 hr.

5. Hawa Mahal of Udaipur: Roothi Rani Ka Mahal

Hawa Mahal of Udaipur Roothi Rani Ka Mahal

Nestled atop Jaisamand Lake Resort, Hawa Mahal is a stunning palace known for its exquisite design and breathtaking views.

The palace features intricately carved windows and balconies, allowing the cool breeze to flow through during the summer months. Visitors can explore the various rooms and corridors of the palace, each adorned with artwork and handicrafts.

  • Location: MDR 11, Gatonr, Udaipur
  • Timing: 10 AM to 5 PM ( All days open)
  • Entry Fees: 130 INR per person
  • Time to Spend: 2 hrs

6. Jaisamand Island Resort

Jaisamand Island Resort

If you want to experience luxury and relaxation, the Jaisamand Island Resort is an ideal place to chill. Set on an island in the middle of the lake, it offers stunning views, comfortable accommodations, and a range of activities like boat rides, trekking, and bird-watching.

  • Location: Lake Dam, Island 1, Udaipur
  • Timing: 24 Hrs ( All days open)
  • Entry Fees: Heritage Suite starts from 7000 INR ( Prices are subject to change), Gala dinner on 31 December, New Year: 4,720 INR per person
  • Time to Spend: 3 hrs

Things to Do in Jaisamand, Udaipur

Things to Do in Jaisamand, Udaipur

Jeep Safari: Take a thrilling jeep safari through the scenic countryside and enjoy the panoramic views of the hills and forests.

Village Tour: Explore the nearby villages and interact with the local communities to get an insight into their lifestyle and culture.

Sunset Point: Witness a mesmerizing sunset view from the Sunset Point near Jaisamand Lake. Capture some stunning photographs.

Birdwatching: If you are a bird lover, Jaisamand Lake is an ideal place to indulge in birdwatching. Spot a variety of migratory birds and enjoy the tranquil environment.

Trekking/Camping: Embark on a trekking adventure in the nearby hills and camp in the wilderness to enjoy the serene beauty of nature.

Photography: Jaisamand offers ample opportunities for photography enthusiasts, with its picturesque landscapes, wildlife, and cultural attractions. Capture the beauty of the place through your lens.

Local Cuisine: Jaisamand offers a variety of Rajasthani delicacies such as Dal Bati Churma, Gatte ki Sabzi, and Laal Maas. Do not miss the opportunity to savor these flavorsome dishes during your visit.

How to Reach?

It is well-connected to major cities in Rajasthan and India, making it easily accessible for domestic and international tourists. The closest airport to Jaisamand is approximately 50 kilometers away. One can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Jaisamand. The nearest railway station is also in Udaipur, with regular train services from various cities.

It is recommended to allocate at least two to three days to fully appreciate the beauty and history of Jaisamand. The duration of each visit varies, with some requiring only a few hours, while others may take half a day.

Best Time to Visit

Remember to check the weather conditions before planning your trip to Jaisamand, as summers can be scorching hot. The winter months (October to February) are considered the best time to visit when the weather is pleasant.

The Takeaway

Overall, Jaisamand offers a mesmerizing blend of natural beauty and historical wonders. From the enchanting Jaisamand Lake to the grandeur of the Jaisamand Palace, this destination has something for every traveler.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the rich history and breathtaking beauty of Jaisamand during the ideal time.

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