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Light and Sound Show Udaipur – Experience the Royalty of Mewar

One of the most captivating cities in India is Udaipur, which is known as the “City of Lakes” and is recognized for its extensive history as well as its cultural legacy. The City Palace in Udaipur is a spectacular architectural marvel that has been a witness to centuries of royal splendor and historical events. It is one of the sights in Udaipur that visitors just cannot miss. The enthralling Light and Sound Show is one of the many highlights that can be seen at the City Palace. This engaging experience takes guests on a journey through time, chronicling the historic history of Udaipur and its regal past. This article discusses the entrancing City Palace Light and Sound Show, including its schedule, information on how to purchase tickets, and the reasons why it is an event that residents of the area as well as visitors should not miss.

City Palace Light and Sound Show: An Immersive Experience

The City Palace Light and Sound Show is undoubtedly one of the most mesmerizing attractions in Udaipur. Held in the magnificent courtyard of the City Palace, the show is a celebration of the city’s illustrious history, its legendary rulers, and the rich cultural heritage that continues to thrive to this day. The show expertly combines cutting-edge technology, artistic finesse, and historical storytelling to create a captivating experience that leaves a lasting impression on all who witness it.

  • A Magical Evening at City Palace: As the sun sets over the picturesque Lake Pichola, the City Palace emerges as a radiant jewel on the banks. The Light and Sound Show commences with the illumination of the palace’s facade, showcasing the intricate architectural details and the grandeur of the structure. The play of lights transforms the palace into a breathtaking visual spectacle, setting the stage for the historical journey about to unfold.
  • Time Travel through Narration: The show’s narration, available in multiple languages, takes the audience on a time-traveling adventure through Udaipur’s royal past. The carefully crafted script weaves together anecdotes, folklore, and historical events, bringing to life the heroic deeds of the Mewar dynasty’s valiant rulers. The legendary figures like Maharana Pratap, Rana Sanga, and Maharana Udai Singh II come alive through the powerful storytelling, evoking admiration for their valor and dedication to their people.
  • Musical Enchantment: To complement the captivating narration, the show employs a melodic symphony that fills the air with evocative music and sound effects. The carefully curated soundtrack resonates with the emotions of each historical event, transporting the audience deeper into the annals of Udaipur’s past. The combination of captivating narration and soul-stirring music creates an immersive experience, making the audience feel like active participants in the city’s history.
  • Educational Significance: Beyond its entertainment value, the City Palace Light and Sound Show serves as an invaluable educational tool. It offers a unique opportunity for students and history enthusiasts to learn about Udaipur’s heritage in an engaging and interactive manner. By presenting historical facts and cultural anecdotes in an entertaining format, the show ignites curiosity and fosters a deeper understanding of India’s royal history.
  • Preserving Cultural Heritage: The Light and Sound Show at City Palace also play a crucial role in preserving the cultural heritage of Udaipur. By showcasing the architectural brilliance of the palace and narrating the sagas of valorous rulers, the show reinforces the importance of conserving historical landmarks. It fosters a sense of pride among the locals and encourages them to cherish and protect their cultural legacy for future generations.
  • A Treat for Tourists and Locals Alike: While tourists visiting Udaipur consider the Light and Sound Show as an unmissable experience, it is also a favorite among locals. The show kindles a sense of pride and belonging among the residents of Udaipur, strengthening their connection to the city’s history and cultural heritage.


The Light and Sound Show at City Palace is typically held in the evening, offering visitors a unique opportunity to witness the palace in a different light. The exact timing of the show may vary depending on the season and prevailing daylight hours. As the show takes place in the open courtyard of the palace, the organizers ensure that the weather conditions are favorable for the audience’s comfort and safety.

Tentative Show Timings:

  • May through August: 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • From September to March, between 7 pm and 8 pm
  • April: From 7:30 to 8:30

The Ticketing Process

To witness the enchanting Light and Sound Show at City Palace, visitors need to purchase tickets, which can be easily obtained at the venue or through authorized ticketing platforms. The tickets are reasonably priced, making it an affordable experience for both locals and tourists. The palace management often offers special packages for groups and students, making it an ideal educational outing.

DetailsPrice (INR)
Yash Ki Darohar (Hindi) (May to August) (8 pm to 9 pm)
Hathnal Ki Chandani – Adult300/-
Hathnal Ki Chandani – Child200/-
Manak Chowk – Adult200/-
Manak Chowk – Child150/-
The Legacy of Honor (English) (Sept to March) (April 7:30 to 8:30 pm)
Hathnal Ki Chandani – Adult550/-
Hathnal Ki Chandani – Child250/-
Manak Chowk – Adult350/-
Manak Chowk – Child200/-

City Palace Udaipur Ticket Price for Students

Recognizing the importance of promoting history and heritage among the younger generation, the City Palace management offers discounted ticket prices for students. This student-friendly initiative aims to encourage school and college students to explore the cultural and historical significance of Udaipur and its iconic City Palace. The ticket price for students is tentatively around Rs. 100/-. 

Exploring the City Palace

Before embarking on the mesmerizing Light and Sound Show, visitors are invited to explore the regal grandeur of the City Palace during the daylight hours. The palace complex is an architectural marvel, harmoniously blending Rajasthani, Mughal, European, and Chinese styles that reflect the rich cultural influences of different eras.

Upon entering the palace, visitors are immediately greeted by the mesmerizing sight of intricate marble work embellishing the walls, ceilings, and corridors. The delicate craftsmanship, meticulously carved pillars, and ornate arches stand as a testament to the unwavering dedication of skilled artisans from the past who crafted this awe-inspiring palace.

The palace’s interior is adorned with exquisite mirror-work, reflecting the opulence and luxury that once enveloped the lives of royalty. The play of light on the mirrors creates a mesmerizing effect, adding to the aura of grandeur that permeates every corner of the palace.

The beautiful paintings on the walls are one of the most charming parts. Each picture tells a story, showing things like legendary battles, royal processions, and the timeless beauty of the landscapes around the palace. These works of art take people back to a time when life was painted on a canvas with splendor and grace.

Online Ticket Booking

To enhance the convenience of visitors, the City Palace management provides online ticket booking options. This service enables tourists to reserve their show tickets in advance, avoiding long queues and ensuring a smooth entry to the Light and Sound Show. The online booking process is user-friendly and secure, catering to the needs of both domestic and international tourists.


The City Palace Light and Sound Show is a delightful journey that transports visitors back to a time of opulence and valor. It celebrates the historical legacy of Udaipur and the Mewar dynasty, providing a perfect balance of entertainment and education. Through its captivating narration, vibrant lights, and enchanting music, the show leaves a lasting impression on the hearts of its audience. For anyone visiting Udaipur, witnessing the Light and Sound Show at City Palace is an absolute must. It captures the essence of the city’s rich history and cultural heritage, making it an unforgettable experience for all.

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