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Hidden Gems of Udaipur

Udaipur itself is a gem of Rajasthan and the entire India for travelers. This city of lakes is a beautiful town surrounded by the lush greenery of the Aravalli Hillsit diverges the city from the Thar Desert. We all have been to Udaipur and visited all the famous tourist spots, but what if we tell you the offbeat places are scenic too? You will fall in love with the city again and again once you explore the hidden gems. Mark these places for your next trip— we bet you will not get disappointed!

8 Hidden Gems of Udaipur

Bahubali Hills

Famous for wedding photography and Instagram posts, Bahubali Hills is a craze among youngsters. It is a replica of a giant mountain located 15km from the city adjacent to Badi Lake. You can spend all day here with your buddies because it is less congested.

Udaipur being a cultural and heritage city, this place inhibits natural beauty that is truly magical. The wind gazing through your hair, water music, and peace is all we desire in the city’s dissonance. 

How to reach Bahubali Hills from Udaipur City?

Bahubali Hill is around 15 km from Udaipur city center and 6 km from Fateh Sagar Lake. There are two routes- one from Village Barda and the other from a newly constructed bridge. Take a left from the signboard of Nathavato Ka Guda, and you will see Bahubali Hills Parking Board. You can take a cab or a private taxi for 300 to 500 INR per waiting time. You can also hire a bike for a full day at 500 INR.

Tickets– Car parking charges 20 INR
Best Time to Visit– From November to February
Address- Near Badi Lake, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Open– 24 hrs
Nearby Attractions– Lake Badi

Lake Badi

To combat water scarcity in the 1770s, Maharana Raj Singh I constructed Lake Badi, an artificial lake close to Village Badi. But now, hiking is a popular activity here. If you climb Bahubali Hills to the summit, you experience a breathtaking 360-degree vista, especially around sunset. It truly is a hidden treasure.

How to reach Bahubali Hills from Udaipur City?

You can unwind at Lake Badi, 12 kilometers from Udaipur City, by taking a cab or a tuk-tuk. It is best to travel as a group and divide the cost. The short (20 minutes) walk is lovely. However, the road zigzags, so use caution.

Tickets- Car parking charges 20 INR
Best Time to Visit- Winters And During Sunset
Address- Udaipur, Rajasthan
Open- 24 hrs
Nearby Attractions- Bahubali Hills

Rayta Hills

The distance between Rayta Hills and the city center is about 40 km. It’s close to Rayta village and its 150 modest homes. The village’s rich vegetation draws visitors and makes it a must-see location during the monsoon season. Wintertime makes it more mesmerizing.

How to reach Rayta Hills from Udaipur?

Take a private cab or bike to reach the hills. In the monsoon season, you witness the charm of nature. You can see clouds passing by in the winter and freshwater streams nearby are a live heaven.

Do take food and water with you as it is a great picnic spot. There is no grocery store nearby. Wear comfy shoes, and do not accelerate your car. 

Tickets– None
Best Time to Visit- From June to August during Monsoons
Address- Rayta Rd, Khodiyat, Rajasthan


Alsigarh is a small village near Jhadol Tehsil, Udaipur, and is not at a height like Rayta Hills. The route to reach the destination is even more beautiful. The greenery, calm surroundings, and island rocks with stunning waterfalls make this place tranquil.

How to reach Alsigarh from Udaipur?

Several routes lead to this village, but the best one is from Balicha. If you are staying in Udaipur, start your journey from Surajpol Chauraha. 

Tickets– None
Best Time to Visit- From November to February, And During Monsoons
Address- Jhadol Tehsil, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Nearby Attractions- Alsigarh Lavitra Waterfalls

Ubeshwar Ji

A fantastic picnic location, Ubeshwar Ji, is 45 km from Udaipur. Lord Shiva, sometimes referred to as Ubeshwar Ji Mahadev, is the subject of this temple. The temple’s ringing bells remind us of our origins and relationship with the divine. During monsoon season, it glows brightly. A lake is nearby where you may unwind and snap pictures with your family. To maintain decorum, refrain from speaking aloud within the temple.

How to reach Ubeshwar Ji Mahadev?

To reach here, go to Malla Talai Circle and take a right to Rampura Chauraha, again right to Ubeshwar ji road. It is about a 25-minute drive from the Malla Talai Circle. Hire a private cab for this place.

Tickets- None
Best Time to Visit– During Monsoons
Address– Kundal Ubeshwar Ji, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Nearby Attractions- Peepliya
Opening/ Closing Time- 24 Hours


Covered under clouds, Peepliya Ji is best to visit during monsoons. It is close to Ubeshwar Ji Mahadev Temple and perfects for a day out. The beauty of this place and its route will captivate you and take you to another world. The clouds sit under the sky, making it feel like a hill station.

How to reach Peepliya from Udaipur?

Peepliya ji is 32km from Udaipur. You can reach me here via Rampura Chouraha. It is better to use Google Maps if you are new. There are broads from Ubeshwar ji that take you to Peepliya. 

Tickets- None
Best Time to Visit- From November to February, And During Monsoons
Address- Pipliya Ji, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Timings– 24 Hours

Amarchandiya Lake

30 km separate from Udaipur and Amarchandiya Lake. The calm of this lake is comparable to that of Udaipur’s other seven well-known lakes, which have earned the city of lakes global fame. It is ideal for weekend vacations and provides experiences like boating, lakeside hiking, canoeing, and bonfires

The Prime Minister of Mewar, Amarchand Ji Badwa, inspired the naming of Amarchandiya Lake. He protected the Mewar from the Marathas‘ assault as the army’s commander. The Tripolia Gate, the 12 Pols, the city walls, Bagore ki Haveli, and other Udaipur constructions were all erected by him.

How to reach Amarchandiya Lake from Udaipur?

Use Google Maps to find the route between Udaipur and Kumbhalgarh. Take a private car or taxi to reach and enjoy this place.

Tickets– None
Best Time to Visit- From November to February, And During Monsoons
Address– Amarchandiya Lake, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Timings– 24 Hours

Saas Bahu Temple

The last hidden destination on our list is Saas Bahu Temple. In Nagda Village, 20 km from Udaipur, this temple is famous for its historical architecture and was built in the 10th century. Sahasra Bahu is famous for pre-wedding photo shoots and means one thousand arms, a form of Lord Vishnu. Later the name got tincture and known as Saas Bahu. 

How to reach Saas Bahu Temple from Udaipur?

It is 23 km from Udaipur Railway Station and 33.1 km from Maharana Pratap Airport. You can reach here by government-run bus or take a private cab.

Tickets– None
Best Time to Visit- From November to February, And During Monsoons
Address– PPP8 + 3GC, Nagda, Rajasthan
Timings– 7.30 am to 5.30 pm

Things to Carry

Remember that they are all tiny villages located on the outskirts of Udaipur. If you intend to visit during the rainy season, pack an umbrella, food, water, raincoats, and non-slip shoes. Most importantly, don’t forget to bring a camera for incredible photos!

Have you been to these places? What did you love about them? Do not forget to share with us.

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