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Sonali Agrawal

Gangaur Festival 2023 in Udaipur: A Celebration of Love and Devotion

When it comes to declaring the country that celebrates different kinds of festivals in the world, it is assumed that India is going to be announced loudly without any second thought. India is highly rich in culture and each state has its own language of love, and in a few festivals, the whole country unites together and celebrates.
This information is about a very rich cultural festival which is called as “Gangaur Festival” and it is celebrated in Rajasthan, a state known for its royalty.

Why is Gangaur Festival a Rich Cultural Heritage of Rajasthan?

The women of Rajasthan are quite beautiful and this particular festival adds more charm to their beauty as they get dressed like queens and look amazingly beautiful in their cultural outfits. Indian women are themselves an alternate aura of goddesses and in this festival, they surrender themselves by doing day-night worship of goddess Gauri or Parvati and request them to bless them with excellent wealth, health, and happiness by blessing their farms to harvest in every possible way it can. Along with this, they also pray for their husband’s long life.

The Story Behind Gangaur Festival:

Watching women of Rajasthan celebrating the Gangaur Festival is mesmerizing but one thing What makes this festival more joyful is the story behind why Gangaur festival is celebrated.
The universe is a storyteller of Mahadev and goddess Parvati and words would be less to describe what they were for each other. The story started when Bholenath took Devi Parvati with her from her paternal house. At that time, a mega farewell took place because the goddess Parvati was the happiest to become Shiva’s wife.

How do Women in Udaipur celebrate Gangaur?

From wearing the heaviest jewelry to dancing at the folk Sangeet, the women gather at temples or homes and start the celebration by applying henna on their palms. Some write their husband’s name and some go with a full-hand henna design that includes a portrait of Shiva and Parvati.
Local musicians and bands who are aware of the folk songs of Gangaur visit different locations and play the music while women dance to the beats in happiness.

The popularity of Gangaur Ghat:

As you know, in Udaipur there are many lakes, and ghats, and the Ganguar ghat is named after the festival only by the Mewars. And usually, people from all parts of the planet visit the ghat in the evening to enjoy the lakeside view and have delicious Rajasthani cuisine, but on this day, it becomes difficult to keep the toe as all ladies visit the ghat to perform the rituals.

3 Most Popular Food Dishes Women Eat During Gangaur Festival:

Whenever we hear the word “festival”, the first thing that we visualize is the varieties of cuisines that we can have during the celebration. So, do you know the famous food items during Gangaur Festival? Find them below, and start gathering ingredients to prepare them on your own.

Kele ki Barfi:

For Kele ki Barfi, it is obvious that you need a dozen bananas, lots of sugar, and jaggery to make this delicious sweet dish at home. But not to worry, if you are not in favor of cooking it yourself, you can just visit any sweet shop and buy as much as you want. Because in Rajasthan, the Gangaur festival is incomplete without the barfi.

Kuttu ki Puri with Aloo ki Sabzi:

Women fast when the Gangaur festival arrives. On this occasion, they only eat fruits, and when all the rituals have been performed with proper tradition, then they together cook a very delicious meal which is known as Kutti ki Puri and aloo ki sabzi, and serve it hot. The kuttu dough does not contain any grains hence it is a popular meal in North India, that people have when they fast.

Singhadhe ka Halwa:

Singhade ka halwa is full of ghee and tastes yummy! For this, you need to have green singhara which you need to blend with other ingredients such as milk, dry fruits, jaggery, and more. You can have it after you finish your dinner.


We hope that you are now aware of the Gangaur festival. In the year 2023, the Gangaur festival is going to be celebrated on 20th March. If you want to see the celebrations live, then the best thing is to book a ticket to Udaipur or Jaipur or any city in Rajasthan and spend your day with a family that allows you to explain the festival in more depth.
Don’t forget to share this beautiful information with your friends, and family members as it contains information about our proud country India. The festival is just around the corner, so start shopping for Gangaur and enjoy the festival with your loved ones. See you soon again with more info!

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