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Top 10 Places for Mouthwatering Pani Puri in Udaipur

Pani puri is pure fun. Pop, crackle, gulp, and gasp. On regular evenings, in the busy markets and noisy main streets or bazaars of big cities and small towns alike, there is a familiar sight: the corner pani puri wala (seller), covered by a gaggle of enthusiastic customers. And of all chaat, pani puri holds a special place in our hearts and stomachs. It is impossible not to consider panipuri when street foods of India are spoken about. This Indian snack is meant for all moods. You are happy, eat it. If you’re upset, eat it; if you are craving something spicy, eat it.

pani puri Udaipur

People like the sour and juicy taste of Pani Puri, Gol Gappa, or Gupchup. That is why many people eat Gol-Gappa every day. The Gol-Gappas that you enjoy, sometimes filled with spicy and sometimes sour or sweet water, not only give pleasure to your picky tongue. In fact, it also has many benefits for your health.

What is Pani Puri?

It is a snack that originated in the Indian subcontinent, consisting of round hollow balls filled with flavored water and mixtures. Various names across the country know the Indian Pani Puri.

It is called Golgappa in North India, Puchka in East India, Gup Chup in the southern states of Telangana, Hyderabad, and more. Ask any pani puri lover, and they will share a joyful, nostalgic story as to how they enjoy the snacks.

Some of the most common and loved types of pani puri are:

  •         Garlic flavoured water
  •         Mint flavoured water
  •         Asafoetida flavoured water
  •        Sweet and sour flavoured water
  •       Asafoetida tamarind-flavoured water
  •       Raw mango-flavoured water
  •       Orange and lemon-flavoured water
  •        Jeera flavoured water
  •        Black grapes flavoured water
  •        Coriander-flavoured water
Pani puri street food

Top 10 best pani puri places in Udaipur

The city of Udaipur is home to some of India’s mouthwatering fast food. So here are some crowd-pleasing pani puri places that serve the best pani puri and chaat in Udaipur that are insured to satisfy your hungry soul.

1. Purnima Chaat center

If you really want to enjoy authentic chat items in Udaipur City, This is the place you must visit & satiate your tongue, belly & soul. They offer the best and tastiest Chola chat with crispy tikki and also the yummiest gol gappe with an unparalleled taste of gol gappa water. They provide so many other chaat varieties.

Purnima Chaat center

Address- 121, Bapu Bazar Main Rd, Old City, Bapu Bazar, Bank Tiraha, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001.

Phone: 099296 01789

Timings- 3 pm – 11 pm.

2. Bholenath chaat center

This pani puri place offers the yummiest pani puri in Udaipur. They serve the best dahi puri. They also offer various kinds of ice cream.

Bholenath chaat center

Address– Near Gurukripa Restaurant, New Mali Colony, City Centre, Udaipur

Phone– +917568184663

Timmings– 3 pm- 11.30 pm.

3  Chotu Bhai Chaat

This is the best place for gol gappas. They offer amazing aloo chaat and dahi puri. The food is hygienically prepared here, and the quality and taste are amazing.

Chotu Bhai Chaat

Address– Sukhadia Circle Food Market.

Timings- 10 am – 11 pm

Phone– 982944474

4. Sanwariya chaat center

Saanwariya Chaat Center offers some delicious and mouthwatering varieties of Pani Puri, bhel puri, chaat, aloo tikki, sev puri, and so much more. Their delicious paani puris have an amazing taste of asafoetida, mint and toasted cumin seeds. Your junk food tour in Udaipur is complete with the pani puri at Saanwariya Chaat Center.

Sanwariya chaat center

Address- Saawariya, Ashok Nagar Main Road, Near TRI office

Timmings– 4 pm – 10 pm

5. DN chaat center

This place offers the chatpati pani puri and various kinds of chaat and aloo tikki. They offer the perfect mix of cold, spicy, tart, sweet and crunchy pani puri.

DN chaat center

Address- 18, Rajasthan Mahila Vidyalaya Rd, Amal Ka Kata, Near Marwadi Bartan, Brahmpuri, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Timings- 12 pm – 11 pm

6. Gujrat 5 flavour pani puri

This place offers five kinds of pani puri. The different flavors are tangy Hing Pani, Jaljeera Pani, Garlic Pani, Khatta meetha Pani, and Regular Pani. It is the best place for people who want to try different flavors of pani puri.

Gujrat 5 flavour pani puri

Address– New Fatehpura, Panchwati, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001.

Timmings- 12 pm- 10 pm

7  Payal Chaat

This place creates authentic snacks with different fillings and pani for pani puri. This place provides a combination of both sweet and sour tastes, which makes you fall in love with this snack instantly.

Payal Chaat

Address– tangy Hing Pani, Jaljeera Pani, Garlic Pani, Mint Pani, Ginger Pani, Gud Imli Pani, and Regular Pani

Timmings– 1 pm- 11 pm

8  Imli Chatpata junction

These places offer various kinds of chaats and pani puri, And this restaurant also offers other food options like south Indian, pav bhaji, Chinese and many more. Its palak patta chaat is delicious and mouthwatering.

 Imli Chatpata junction

Address– Imli Chatpata Junction, Sukhadia Cir, near Reliance Bazaar, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Timings- 10 am – 11 pm

9. Desi firangi Pani puri Center

They offer hygienic pani puri in Udaipur. You can have unlimited pani puri for Rs. 69. And if you love spicy food, then you should definitely try this place.

Desi firangi Pani puri

Address– Azad Chouraha, 100 Feet Rd, Mali Colony, Sector 3, Gayariawas, Central Area, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Timings- 11 am – 11 pm

10. Narayan chaat center

This place of Udaipur is a must-try for pani puri lovers. You can try their tikki chola and dahi puri. It tastes amazing and the amazing flavour of lemon increases its taste. They add different types of chutney also.

Narayan chaat center

Address– Opposite town hall, near RK Chinese, Udaipur.

Phone– 087641 19664

Timings– 4pm – 10 pm


Pani puri basically consists of small, round-shaped hollow, unleavened bread, which is deep-fried and filled with a mixture of potatoes, chickpeas, spices, flavored water, and sweet meethi imli ki chutney. This snack has been winning hearts since the time it was invented and has proved to be a lifesaver for all times we craved ‘something good to eat. It is one of those Indian discoveries which every generation is thankful for. Indian street food has the ability to bring cultures together despite the religious disparities in a city. One such culturally rich and diverse city, Udaipur, is often buzzing with visitors who travel to enjoy the luxurious location

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